Monday, January 23, 2006


Sunday morning saw a phone call from the man's housemate peter parker bringing us the news that the man's house had been broken into. Unfortuantely for all involved and you my readers the man's computer has been stolen along with about 50 gamecube games, a gamecube, $1000 in cash that belonged to some of the man's friends staying here, clothes, alcohol and for some reason a jar of nescafe.

I say my readers too because it was the man's computer from which I was updating jentopia on. Luckily peter parker has kindly offered me his computer so I can keep writing.

Besides the fact that belongings etc are gone so is the feeling of being 'safe' in your own home (albeit it is the man's home). I feel a lot better than I did last night but nonetheless we are (and I say we because I think the man is feeling it too) on edge. We both got up off the couch to investigate the mystery of why the next door neighbours puppy was barking (it was excited about chewing up their hose) and we are looking for strange people (we both walked outside to watch the meter-reader before.... he looked a bit apprehensive about the staring).

Thats about it for now, will update about the rest of the weekend tomorrow. It should be a good story full of dramas about computer problems and other exciting events that happened in the last 3 days!

- Jen

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jase said...

$1000!!! Shit... was that trents wad o' cash that he usually caries around with him? man, that sucks so bad...