Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm turning pro!

A pro BLUDGER that is!

I had absolutely nothing to do today, and so far it has been brilliant. I stumbled out of bed at 9:52am because I got to that "I'm sleepy but I can't go back to sleep stage" excellent sign of a successful sleep in. Then I debated about going for a run but upon peeking outside decided that running was a silly idea! Situps were also deemed "too much like exercise" and after a shower I put on "kicking and screaming" ate two bowls of cereal and then curled up on the couch under a sleeping bag.

I awoke 3 and a half hours later (kicking and screaming is obviously not that good a movie) and decided...I'm going for a walk!! Right after I update my blog and play some mario baseball.

The only thing that I did wrong today in respect to being a pro bludger is the having a shower and getting dressed business. I will have to see if I can improve on that tomorrow!

Well having updated my blog I think I some guitar AND then mario baseball...and well if there is any time left in this hectic day I WILL GO FOR A WALK!

- Jen

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