Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Perils of Payment - Round Two a Draw

This morning I rang centrelink (I've never had a problem with their customer service on the phone) and a charming young man by the name of Daniel told me that he understood where I was coming from but it did look like I would have to apply for jobs. He agreed I should apply for jobs that I was underqualified for because with so many hundreds of thousands of people entering these forms they aren't going to check something like that.

So I spent this morning applying for 10 jobs, filled in my diary, filled out my fortnightly form and took it down to centrelink. I was disappointed to witness only 1 fight but as I got there at 1:50pm and there was a sign saying that if I wanted to receive payment that the form had to be in by 2pm (obviously unbeknownst to organised old me) I was hopping from one foot to another (the impatience dance). The fight I did see involved some guy yelling at the lady on the desk about why he had to go and line up again. The lady was a lot tougher than she looked and was putting up a hell of a fight without so much as a tremble in her voice (experience perhaps) and kept stating "either you go to the back of the queue or you leave". This went on for 5 minutes with the people at the desk, the people in the queue waiting to be served and the rest of centrelink gawping. Not Jen. Impatient Jen growled and said "oh COME ON!!!"..and the line started crawling forward again. At 1:57pm I handed my form in, no troubles and I SHOULD get paid tomorrow.

The next saga will be where they send my next fortnightly form to. According to yesterday's "Centrelink Satan" it should go to my home address which is so accessible to me right now. So Mum and Dad are going to have to send the form down here to me at my "de facto's" residence. Ridiculous.

Mr De facto otherwise known as the man has decided he is going to start "training for pre-season footy training"...if he doesn't go tonight it will be the third night in a row he has managed to avoid this so called "training". I'd love to go and kick the footy with him but he wants to "run laps" or something horrible like that!

- Jen

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