Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vail 2005: Chapter One

Although it is already 2006, I figured this was one post I had to do.

I had an absolutely brilliant year in 2005 and although this post probably won't put just how great my year was into perspective I thought I would give it a go.

I had another great year with the man, finished uni, got a job, went overseas for two weeks, had a great 21st, a fantastic Christmas, had a blast working at The LAN Mine, made even more friends and spent time with them where I could whether it was only snowboarding for a day, drinking with them for a night or stressing THEM out about exams!...and did I mention I started this blog!

While things were pretty great, there are always times when things don't go so well. Not a lot of bad things happened in 2005 (to me at least) and I can be grateful that apart from stresses at uni, a couple of parking tickets and an 'incident' involving leaving my radiator cap off and trying to drive to Melbourne I was pretty lucky.

I don't know if you have seen it but if you have been to the movies recently there is an ad for ninemsn's news site with a version of "mad world" playing in the background and asks where you were for various events that occured during the year like Schapelle being sentenced, the London bombings, Douglas Wood being freed etc. It's a great ad and for most of the things I could remember where I was. The two that stuck in my mind most were Schapelle and the London bombings. I remember I had just bought Season One of The O.C and was in Melbourne watching it and flicked the t.v over and it was at that exact moment when her face crumpled (when she was told). I was shocked because there is so much hype and drama in the media that I didn't really think she would 'get done' for it. The London bombings really shook me and I can remember quite clearly that I was watching tv while my housemate was on the phone and 'everybody loves raymond' was on (which I was only half watching until it got interrupted). I skidded out of the loungeroom, hurtled down the hallway and had the Herald Sun site loaded up in about 30 seconds. You have to love the internet at times like that! Information superhighway is pretty well right. I've always liked those things at the end of the news on New Years Eve and it shows everything that happened during the year because you look back and go "oh yeah, Schapelle!".

By far the great things that happened during this year far outweighed anything bad that did happen. I'm looking forward to starting work (even if it is in Albury) and am really excited about getting into 2006!

Chapter Two: New Years Eve

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