Sunday, January 29, 2006

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Excuse the lack of updating but what with the man's computer being stolen I have had limited access to a computer and went back to Albury for a couple of days this week (more on that later).

The title of this post comes from (Missy Higgins - Scar), I'm actually learning that on guitar at the moment. When I start getting better at the singing along thing it should sound pretty sweet!

Anyway at the behest of best friend I made the trip to Albury on Wednesday. Honestly she sounded so excited when I told her I was coming that I thought things might have been a little different to the typical goings out, but sadly not. Albury is still Albury...and I'm stuck here for another year. It's not that I'm upset at being stuck in Albury working because work should be okay, its the fact that once again I'm doing the long distance thing with the man. It also upsets me because having lived with the man for the summer now I know that it would have worked (living together) and thats brilliant. I mean thats a pretty serious relationship breaker - whether you can "live" together or not. For example turtlelips and I have very different definitions of what a clean toilet is. Where as the man and I are very neat people who have a similiar sense of humour (aka he teases me relentlessly and makes me laugh at myself) and similiar principles etc. I also love him to bits and I think that helps as well.

While I'm writing this the man and his housemate peter parker are playing "resident evil 4" on the remaining gamecube. RE4 being the first game that the man has rebought since the burglary. We had wafty box over for dinner tonight (corn and crab soup followed by roast pork and vegies) and we played "scene it" and "20 questions"...both of which she unquestionably won. It was still fun though with me referring to "tinkerbell" from "peter pan" as that **** fairy in the heat of the moment. There was also a short discussion on the possibility of their actually being such a movie as "dogs" or whether I just made that up (it was decided I was either getting confused with either "cats" or "cats & dogs").

Well I'm getting pretty tired and should get to bed.

- Jen
p.s. although my stomach is a bit rumbly tumbly at the moment - corn & crab soup rocks!

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