Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The unlucky tale of Scratchy and Snaggletooth

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The reason I didn't go to work today is because I was attacked last night. An unprovoked attack mind you. So unprovoked I didn't see it coming. So it was also an unprovoked cowardly attack.

The man didn't escape unscathed either but his injuries are not as..obvious.

Basically I look like I've either had a run in with an out of control fork or stepped into the path of a very angry tiger. The second is closest.

So there we were, watching a movie. When out of nowhere I hear the man shriek (without the use of expletives) "ahh my back!!", and before I had time to register why the man was in pain, I was shrieking about my face..and my neck. I think what happened is that a noise startled one of the cats who was sleeping on the man who 'cat zorro'd' his back before moving literally onto my face..and neck.

That is why I didn't go to work today. I mean, really I should of gone because the deep red cuts are not just going to be gone by tomorrow. But I was hoping that a day might have been enough time to come up with a better story than 'my cat is a bully'. We're not even sure which cat it was, neither one will rat out the other.

So thats the tale of Scratchy. Now onto Snaggletooth.

The man has had a wobbly tooth (one of his second/third from the front ones) for awhile now. I've been sporadically nagging him but not enough to actually get him to go to a dentist. The tooth is actually false and last night it got so loose he was able to unscrew and screw it back in. Then this morning it actually fell out. You would think (you would, wouldn't you) that if this happened to you, your PRIMARY concern would be getting that tooth back into your mouth as soon as possible. But no, the man's concern was purely fiscal.

But he is - wisely going to get it looked at tomorrow and cost be damned..well mostly damned.

It actually doesn't look too bad. Kind of Ginger Meggs looking. Except as I've just noticed Ginger Meggs isn't missing any teeth, nor (as the man pointed out) does he have a five o'clock shadow.

- Jen

- Jen

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