Saturday, July 07, 2007

A thumping good fight

So last night upstairs were at it again. Well I thought they were having a party or something because there was a lot of voices coming from the balcony although there was one girl I could hear repeatedly saying a word I'm not going to say on here.

After crashes and thumps from above (this is 1am) I got dressed and went up there. I wasn't impressed. Is is SO hard not to run around? Who runs around their house anyway? I mean maybe if you're running late for a train you 'nip' around but it half the time it sounds like the state of origin is going on above our heads.

So I knocked on the door, a sharp knock too. Like my knock meant business. No-one answered. I knocked again, little firmer this time. No answer. I can hear voices but they're angry voices not 'party voices'. I knock but a little hesitantly this time. Finally the door is opened by the guy I voice my usual 'stop running around' complaints too but this time he looks upset (not guilty as normal) and his eyes are all red. I noticed that its only him, and the girl. How can two people make so much freaking noise!

The first thing he says is 'the noise will stop now' and I said 'look again, its just the running.....' and then for some reason I said 'alright well..have a good night'. Have a good night?? Have a good night? No..DON'T have a good night. I am not having a good night! I had to get out of my nice warm bed, get dressed - in the dark and my bra is probably on backwards. Have a good night?

The guy looked a bit confused and then said 'uh..ok..well see you tomorrow'. Which was his version of 'have a good night'. I mean, see you later, sure. See you tomorrow implies that I'm going to see him today. The only reason I'd see him today is if him and his girlfriend start playing british bulldog at some ungodly hour. If they play it at a not ungodly hour I stand on the kitchen bench and punch the roof with my boxing gloves.

I'm not even sure if they hear it, but it makes me feel slightly better! And this is not a nothing post!

- Jen

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