Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't wanna be the one

I've been wondering about getting caught downloading music for awhile now. I've never really had much success downloading movies and I suppose I've been lucky because if I really wanted something...I have 'people' who can get what I want for me. But music, I've downloaded. In comparison with everyone else downloading music, I'm sure I'd be a very small fish but..still.

Its gotten to the point where I can't do it anymore! I feel too guilty. So today, I spent $1.69 and bought my first song off iTunes (Fluorescent Adolescent by the Artic Monkeys).

I've heard of lots of students in the US being given the option of paying about $500 USD for each song they've downloaded or settle out of court and pay about $2000-$3000. Ouch.

It was pure coincidence after buying my first song that I stumbled upon this article in The Age .

Despite the fact that MIPI figures show a whopping 18 per cent of Australians are downloading illegally, there seems to be safety in numbers - for now at least. "It's not within anybody's capabilities to be suing 2.8 million people," Ms Heindl says".

Yeah but I don't want to be the first! Someone's going to get done eventually.

- Jen

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gavnal said...

"I'm an innocent victim I'm just like you ..." What I don't like about the whole suing for downloading, is that I historically have only illegally downloaded stuff that is unavailable elsewhere. I've downloaded a handful of stuff from itunes where I liked a song but knew I probably wouldn't get into the rest of the album. If the CD is available I usually get that because I'm into the whole have it in you hands and get into readin ght ealbum liner notes etc. I'd be pretty dirty getting sued for downloading stuff that I couldn't get anywhere else after actually buying upwards of 1000 CDs of stuff I wanted that was available. The b#$t@rds can't have it both ways.