Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why uncoordinated people shouldn't be allowed in gyms

This morning I went to one of the many 'calorie burning' programs at the gym I joined. I was obviously out of my mind when I ventured into the class and I clearly did not read the class description. Body-Step...I just totally blocked out the step thing. I pictured me - getting fit. Not me...stepping. Lots of stepping. You wouldn't believe the different kinds of stepping there is. Silly me thought it was your basic two step. Thats up-step, and down-step.

Not side to side, twisting, kicking, jumping and hopping on your head step. Ok the last one was a lie. Although there was a whole hour of stepping, it could have been in there somewhere.

It didn't really do a lot for me cardio wise, I probably do better in the gym. A lot of the other people there looked knackered so maybe I'm not as unfit as I thought. The pushups at the end got me though.

Still it was actually fun and although initially I was ready to walk, once I realised no-one cares, and everyone got a bit lost and made it up too - I enjoyed myself a little. The instructor said at the end I did well (she did drop a 'for your first time in there though') and I think I'll make it a regular sunday morning thing. Gee because if I don't go every week...there's going to be so many new stepping moves I'll be totally lost.

- Jen

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