Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eye of the tiger?

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Went to pump this morning, finally worked out why squats weren't hurting me anymore. Not enough weight and not going low enough. Now there's a deep burn which was great.

One of the tracks was a remix of "eye of the tiger "and our instructor had me twitching with laughter. Full on laughter would have been painful I think, given the weight. First of all its eye of the tiger which is always such a cliche when I hear it at the gym, second he asked if anyone had any cats and I pictured (see right). Also last week when the man and I were buying weights there were these TINY little weights maybe a few grams and I had an image of the cats weightlifting using those. Didn't help when the man started pretending to be a cat weightlifting and added a small meow instead of a grunt at the end of each rep. Much giggling ensued.

Yes we are stupid.

THEN, at the end of the track when I'd finished getting over the image of our kittenats boxing and weightlifting - the song finishes with a vehement MEOW!

It was too much!

- Jen

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