Saturday, September 08, 2007

Coming down I'm coming round, this time I think I'm waking up

Today we went and saw Rell off at the airport. I didn't cry. Think I'm improving at saying goodbyes seeing we've just finished the olympics of farewells.

We got home and started planning out our trip. I know. Pick yourself up off the floor. We figured a couple of kidneys would get us a ticket easy. Maybe even a ticket back. We actually have enough saved to get us there, just not to eat or sleep..or actually do anything. The internet, for once proved useless as our trip is to far into the future to work out tickets. So we went down to Highpoint and spoke to an awesome guy at the student travel place. Yes I know I'm not a student, but the man is and hopefully we'll get a hot deal. Like some free tickets hot. So far we're thinking, fly Melbourne to San Francisco, then to New York, over to London. Then travel around Italy and France using London as our base, also going to Ireland to see Baz! Then going to Egypt because I just love donkeys.

Joking about the donkeys. Camels are awesome though. Then going back to Australia via Thailand for a week, do some diving, scootering and Thai beer shopping.

Sounds like the start of a plan I reckon, this time next year hopefully.
Finally feel like it might ACTUALLY happen. Good news is we've made some more decisions on the wedding. In light of the overseas trip we've decided to elope.
Ha. No just kidding, we've really decided that the menu for the wedding is rice. Just rice. With an option of soy sauce because we want it to be pretty elegant.

Oh you WISH I was kidding about that.

- Jen

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