Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's not paradise but I'm home again.

I have to start by saying thanks to the man because someone has to. He's worked day and night for the past few months sorting out the shambles that was our body corporate. When we moved in we were told we'd be paying between $1600 - $1800. This turned into about $2600 and our CHARMING body corporate couldn't tell us why. So we sacked them. Then we had so many problems getting another body corporate that in the last month or so I've been hinting maybe we should just sell and get out of this mess.

But the man has persevered and managed to organise a new body corporate and they've taken us on board. Big relief!! the man won't know what to do with himself after work from now on!

It's spring so its warming up and we haven't had the heater on all week. The curtains are open, letting light into the place and its beautiful in here now. It was so gloomy in winter! We're on the second level so with the glass windows and sliding doors I can look outside at the nice leafy peppercorn tree and the blue sky. Actually now its sunset and thats nice too. The man's cooking a roast for dinner. All is well in the world.

Now if only stampy and the herd of elephants upstairs would rack off it WOULD be paradise.

- Jen


Anonymous said...

Thankyou the man, for sorting out the mess.

Daniel Bowen said...

Onya, The Man, for making Jen happy, and for reminding me why I tried very hard to buy a place that wasn't subject to Body Corporate crap :-)