Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Moving up and moving out!

Well, I sure hope one of my housemates isn't reading this because I haven't had the chance to tell both of them yet (but here I am typing about it in my blog, go figure!) anyway, I'm moving back in with the parents hopefully in the next few weeks. Basically I hopefully only have 6 months at uni to go, I'm COLD in my house, and I got sick of $300 electricity bills! Mum seems pretty happy about me moving back in and Dad will get used to it! Just have to get into gear and start moving. How much stuff could I have accumulated in a year and a half right?...right?

I got back from Melbourne tonight..again. I always get the feeling when I'm in Melbourne that I can't wait to get back to Albury but when I get back...I HATE going home, and I miss the man..and that sucks.

I was having some funny feelings when I was in Melbourne, I mean I love the man and all.but I don't know I was just getting a bit bored. And I thought about it and then I realised that I REALLY love the man and if anything, it's probably just the "honeymoon period" that people talk about in relationships is over and we know each other really well now, so it's less exciting when you aren't finding out things about each other all the time....like the man not eating bread because he "doesn't like the texture". So, if anything it's nice. I have someone I love to bits and I have someone I know thinks the world of me. But its not like the first six months where I was excited because "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND"...but it's still sweet :)

Now I have to go watch The O.C !!!!


EDIT: I just re-read this post and it sounds really bad! Like there are problems with the man..which there aren't!! We just getting more comfortable with each other. If you are reading this the man I Love You!!!!!!!!

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