Monday, July 11, 2005

money, money, money...MONEY!!

The title of this topic is from something the man said the other day. I was having a bit of a cry to him, and being the sensitive, caring boyfriend he is asked if I wanted him to sing me a I sniffled and said "ok" he comes out with "money, money, money...MONEY...". Well that just cracked me up. So I suppose it worked!

But seriously on the topic of money. Things have been pretty tight, but I haven't been doing a bad job budgeting. Exam Results are due out thursday (read I owe $206 in student fees), my car's rego and insurance is due Friday (read thanks dad!) and I have rent due (read DOH!)...not to mention yet another phone bill put on the back burner...and at some stage I hope to go to the snow for some snowboarding (read I may be broke but my priorities are in order).

So all this boils down to, I need to work!
Tonight I am doing another dusk till dawn (working from midnight till 7 am), then getting my car's roadworthy done tomorrow morning at 11 (read..NO SLEEP!), and if everything checks out okay with my car hopefully getting rego etc done early so I can see where I stand finance wise.

I'm pretty tired right now but hopefully playing some games tonight instead of surfing the net for 7 hours will keep me more awake. There should be some spare computers tonight with a little luck.

Well I have an idea for another post so will leave this one and get back later...

Ta Ta


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