Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hazy Shade of Pessimism

I write this while sitting at work clock watching (only 1 hour and 34 mins to go) and trying to recover from last night. I'm still a bit hazy.
Last night I went with the best friends little brother j to Mt Beauty to visit said best friend and to participate in the drinking of many an alcoholic beverage and generally having a merry old time. The drinking consisted of about 8 of us (3 of which were sticking to soft drinks, being of a tender age) playing the drinking game kings cup. I actually had a lot of fun (I skulled a whole beer..because that is how tough I am) and we had some great rules going, like the standard "no pointing" rule, but also the rule that no player is allowed to say "you". Think about how many times you (there we go already) say "you" in normal conversation, now imagine you (doh!) can't point (got that?), now imagine you have had quite a bit to drink = lots of laughs.
We had to come back to get j to work on time, which we managed and then best friend and I hung out a little in the afternoon.

Now this best friend and I are just that, best friends..but we have somewhat of a turbulent relationship at the best of times. Basically I annoy her (whether I'm intending to or not), she gets narky and sometimes it's not a whole lot of fun. However since the man has been around, I have noticed a certain extra twinge of annoyance that comes across her face when his name is mentioned. Which tends to be a lot. I mean I'm EXCITED. So mention of his name often brings about pessimistic remarks which often leave me shaking my head in confusion.. It sort of sucks, I feel like I'm constantly biting my tongue from mentioning the man's name. At the same time though I sometimes feel jealous of her too. She is a snowboard instructor now so gets paid a ton of money to teach people to snowboard and has a lot of fun doing it, she has no massive car loan to pay off...etc etc. I suppose though the grass is definitely always greener...I'd rather have the man anyway (and it's always better when you can acknowledge that yes, the grass is always greener..but you are where you are, in my opinion anyway).

Sigh. Well you may as well all know now that the best friend is the same fiery insult thrower who thinks no-one could be bothered to read about me. And at the moment I have only one regular reader, that I know of. I haven't worked out a code name for him yet. His hair is black and spiky so I will now refer to him as turtle-lips. (Its bullet proof).
And that is ok, I can be assured that best friend will never read this, not that there is anything derogatory on here about her...but still it's nice being able to whine to something other than my head and turtle-lips.

Thats all for now,

stay tunededed

p.s. If you want a really sweet song, get Ryan Adams "Wonderwall". I just heard it on the radio and I've also heard it on The O.C.


Anonymous said...

Rest assured, there is more than just turtle lips who reads your site.

Jen said...

Woo Hoo...I'm so excited..who is this anyway?

PopeBenedictXVI said...

I'm another person, but I'm only dropping in to lure you into my cult.

swamp said...

I read this and think that this person sounds like they have an interesting life

Anonymous said...

Cos black spiky hair would lead to the natural name of 'turtle lips'. Your wisdom astounds me, jen! :P