Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh dear, it's home sweet home!

Well I realised today that I have not updated my blog in quite awhile...11 days I believe. I apologise sincerely for lack of communication on my part, but of course no one reads this anyway..and as I have been made well aware one cares!
It has been a busy 11 days, and much has happened.

Uni results came out...3 distinctions and 2 credits, which I am (as I should be) more than happy with. I must have put in more work that I thought I did! (better more than less I suppose).

I have also completely made the transition from independant young woman to tied down slavestress...that is I have now moved back home. But I am actually enjoying it and so far so good.

I have not seen the man for two days now, and it is around the 3 days mark that I really start to miss him...talking on the phone just isn't the same as being there (der!) but until phones come out with in-built cuddle technology, long distance relationships will continue to be a botheration.

I don't have that much else to write about for now, lots has been happening but I am in a bit of a hurry to get home as I am cooking enchiladas, salad and apple crumble (none of which I have started cooking)

Till next time,


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