Saturday, July 30, 2005

And one, and two..and lift!

Since moving out of home I have put on no weight whatsoever. I went out weighing 55kgs and came back in weighing the same. Which is pretty good, most people when they move out of home put on a ton of weight (from what I've seen). To a degree I've kept up some form of exercise whether it's situps, walking to uni, riding to uni or even the occasional run. In fact last summer, I had a stomach to be proud of...

However, even though I haven't put on any weight, I don't have my nice stomach anymore. No abs..well not visible ones. So I've decided to do something about it. Right now my stomach resembles me having eaten some kind of soft, squishy ball (which I haven't). This "something about it", is the gym! (also pronounced "ghyme"..rhymes with..sign, or rhyme)
So turtle-lips and I have been to the gym twice this week (and I also went once on my own).
I have been using the rowing machine quite a little bit, the exercise bike a tad (not as much fun as rowing) and have also been doing weights (under turtle's supervision). Yesterday I also did 200 sit-ups (which I am feeling today). I feel less pudgy around the stomach already (I suppose this is mostly psychological).

I do feel better already though! "Hee-ya!"

I plan to go tonight after work as well!(the ghyme that is)

Last night I went over to R's house (R is the girlfriend of one of the man's best friends (B) ) for a girl's night in. It was really a lot of fun! I was a bit apprehensive about the night (me being a bit shy still I guess). But it really was fun, we didn't do anything special just ate dinner that R cooked (which was yummy) ,had some vino and a girly chat. Looking forward to doing it again sometime! It's always nice to have friends who are girls.

It's about time I did some study (today I'm finishing a case study on importing gas barbeques from Australia to Argentina....thrilling is the only word that sarcastically describes it accurately).

If anyone out there has some good ab exercises (please don't say sit-ups) I'd love to hear them.
Will let you know how the "abs of steel" campaign goes in future posts ..


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Anonymous said...

Goddammit! Youre NOT FAT! youre not even a LITTLE BIT SQUISHY! Believe me! The impartial male gym buddy!