Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What I am utterly terrified of

Tonight I decided was a good time to wash my car. Being cold and lazy I decided to use the drive through car wash at the petrol station.

Financial cost of car wash: $6.50
Mental and Emotional cost of car wash: 5 minutes of utter terror.

I have realised just how frightened I am of car washers. Forget vacumn cleaners (yes vacumn cleaners)..I am deathly afraid of car washers (the automatic kind, not the people).

Sitting there having all these loud brushes coming towards me, that feeling you get as if your car is moving even when it's not..the thoughts I was having about the windscreen breaking and getting brushed to death...were not fun.

And that was only the first time I went through! when it sprayed soap suds on my car and then stopped! So I had to get them to restart it...and go through again! Oh the terror!.

And..after ALL that. It didn't even clean my car..didn't even clean off the "wash me" that turtle-lips wrote in the dirt on my roof.

Moral of the story: Paying $5 to do it myself at "Grime Stoppers" wouldn't have been such a bad idea.

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