Friday, July 22, 2005

Emotional Schermotional

So, after one remark from a certain someone today about how the BlackEyed Peas song "gone going" is apparently NOT a good song (don't worry it IS a good song, they were just wrong because they have no taste in music whatsoever)..anyway after this remark I started crying..for no apparent reason.
Don't you hate that? I mean, I felt a bit hurt by the way the remark was said, but normally I would have come back with one of my sure fire "you're a crap song" retaliatory comments.

I'm sure it's just a girl thing because I've only seen a guy cry over something that wasn't related to the death of a close relative once...(incidentally the same certain someone who claims "gone going" isn't a good song).

So for any girls out there..does this happen to you or is it just a "jen thing"? It hasn't happened for a very long time, and the weird thing is that I was crying my head off but talking and almost laughing as well...maybe I just had some kind of build up of tears...I don't know, but I sure got the certain someone back because they were very scared!

Anyway, the man finally found a house! Which is pretty exciting, but he hasn't actually been in it and the house has only been verified as a suitable place by me and R, the man's step mum.
So I hope he likes it, he is moving in not this weekend but the one after with his old housemate C which should be interesting!

Note..I have again started crying for no reason..probably because a certain someone came within a 5 metre radius of me. Not good! It's actually starting to weird me out. I feel like I can't move from where I am because I will start up again!

Well this post is very soggy, so I going to try to make a move now.
Finished formatting my computer so it's all nice and new and going to head home.


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Anonymous said...

I knew it was a bad idea to go with ONION cologne. I mean, sure its cheap.
Or maybe i just have awesome powers of woe! Theres a cheery thought!