Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nintendo: Wii like to shoot ourselves in the foot.

As we all know (including the most avid nintendo fan), Nintendo aren't exactly at the peak of the video game/console industry. I'm not knocking the gamecube by any means but it wasn't exactly a roaring success for nintendo (at least not in Australia). The DS has done okay but hand held gaming isn't as big as consoles etc.

So the next generation of consoles is coming out with the Xbox 360 already out there, PS3 on its way and Nintendo annouces to the world it is bringing out the 'Wii' (pronounced, w-e-e).

From the Nintendo site:

'Wii sounds like 'we' which emphasizes this console is for everyone'.

Oh dear. I would love to hear how the marketing geniuses over at Nintendo thought up that one. It's a bit like when you think about baby names, you think about what kids in the playground are going to turn in into. But the 'Wii'. I mean really, they won't even have to try.

Having said that it does look like fun. I'm pretty sure that even on the tight budget we will be on, the wii will be part of our loungeroom when it comes out.

- Jen

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Mike said...

Haha totally agree! They could have at least put a number like 180 or an X or something in it to make it sound a little exciting.