Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm coping very well!

Exciting news in the The man-Unsworth household. Exciting, because such a thing now exists! Thats right we (with a little help) have bought an apartment. Well, subject to finance. But the deposit is down!

Of course getting organised to obtain a life-time of debt can be quite stressful. As you readers know I love stress in fact as my profile says, I thrive on it (better than being bored). So this week has been interesting. Things like getting bank statements, payslips, paying off loans, changing bank accounts around and ordinary work pressures have had me on the run. Not to mention I've started house sitting / looking after best friends little brother sitting.

Monday night I was pretty flustered with a massive list of things to get done on Tuesday but as I had all day to do work-work and all day to do organisational stuff I just did things one-step-at-a-time and everything was great. Its very satisfying to have an a4 sheet of paper filled with things to do and put a line through every one of them by the end of the day.

Well...for me anyway.

Here's to being a happy home-owner.

- Jen

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Tony said...

Congratulations Jen and, um, The Man, very happy for the both of you.