Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's very hard to yell at this

Pip the Photo Eater
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I had been sitting here reading blogs for 2 hours wishing I had something to blog about when Mum runs in holding lots of torn up pieces of paper and goes 'the dogs ate your grad photos'.

I know that if I was a postman (person) and I had a big envelope marked "photos do not bend" I might not balance them precariously on a round letter box where they can be exposed to the elements. Elements being not only wind and rain, but two labradors.

The photos cost me $100 and I was spewing after the ceremony (after I'd already had them taken) when my parents said that I didn't have to get them done and they were happy taking photos outside, but now not only do I not have $100 I also don't have any photos!

Mum says she is going to re-order them because the dogs only ate 3/4 of the re-order form.

You try yelling at a dog that looks like this. I'm sure it was her and not Tammy that ate them, even if it was Tam that put her up to it.

- Jen

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