Saturday, May 20, 2006

To eat or not to eat, that is the question.

On Thursday night I went around to best friend's house for dinner. I'm actually house sitting there in a week so I had to get the low down on things such as when to lock James in his room, if I should feed him etc etc.

After the usual and not so upsetting comments about how I'm thin (I know I'm thin but apparently everyone thinks I don't have access to a mirror or something), Best Friend's mum decides to tell me that everyone especially best friend are very worried about me.

Worried about me because I don't eat properly. It has been frustrating me for years now this thing best friend has about me not eating properly. Common sense would tell you that just because someone is not fat doesn't mean they don't eat. All this frustration about trying to prove I eat properly finally caught up with me and I got very upset. After I finished getting very upset I started to build up feelings of quite intense anger and a little bit more frustration.

The list of people who will tell you that I eat is quite long. After all eating is something one does quite regularly. There are people at work who can tell you that I eat morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea every day. There is my family that I live with who see me eat meals such as dinner and breakfast (my favourite meal of the day). The other girls in the grad program can tell you I quite often eat naughty things like chocolate, cookies, lollies and did I mention chocolate.
Jason can tell you that often on a Tuesday night we will eat steak sometimes followed by ice cream. Just the other night we went out for Thai and ice cream.
The list goes on.

So having proven that I do eat and there is a large amount of people that can vouch for me on this point, there is something else. While I do enjoy a mocha and cookies as much as the next person, it is only something I do once or twice a week. I do this strange thing where I eat healthily and do exercise (its this new craze I'm trying out). Funnily enough I don't really put on weight.

A day of food I ate last week included:


Large bowl of porridge with low fat milk

Morning tea

3 biscuits with cup of instant coffee (yay for nescafe mild roast with milk and 1 sugar)


Tuna and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread with a pear

Afternoon Tea


Snack before gym



Chili con carne with brown rice


Tub of yogurt and apple.

Apart from my crippling apple addiction (yay for jonogolds!) I think that is a fair assessment of an average weekday's food for me. Throw in 2.5L of water and a 3-5 km run on the tready and thats me done. Thursdays are an entirely different matter where everything goes out the window because it's grad day which involves eating lollies for two hours, going to get mocha's and cookies then going back for an hour and a bit and then going out for lunch.

I think there is a healthy balance in there. The only thing that causes me concern about my diet is my love of apples and the fact that I detest white bread. Love bread but it's got to be brown. Even on that point I win because at least I eat bread. Unlike someone I know.

It upsets me that I have to write something as stupid as this (I'm in Melbourne in a room with no heater and my fingers are frozen), but hey if my friends don't think I eat properly then I think it was worth it.


- Jen


Mike said...
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The Student said...

You seem just fine to me.