Thursday, June 01, 2006

Goodbye to you too Tib.

Well I was cleaning out pretty much the last of my clothes/photos/belongings out of my room at my parents tonight and Tib my cat was sitting on my bed, watching me. I felt a bit sad because while she isn't too old (10) or sick or anything, I'm moving out of home(again) and it would be pretty much the last time I would see her for awhile. So I felt a bit sad and was giving her a bit of attention (for once she probably thought). Of course instead of being a snob like she usually is and ignoring me (or stalking out of the room) she purred and stretched out making me feel even worse about 'leaving her'. I've had her since she was a kitten and she was the one I picked out of all the kittens I could choose from because she looked the most playful, and she was cuddly when I picked her up. Then I grew up and she grew up and then I moved out on her and now I'm doing it again. She snuggled up to me tonight and I nearly lost it. My poor cat, how will you survive without me???

And then she bit me.

Then I was fine. Damn cat.

- Jen

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