Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where to begin?

Well I'm officially a resident of Melbourne now and I'm cold. Right to the bone. Thankfully when I step out the door on the way to work I am very warm thanks to a nice thick coat and gloves. Plus the walk to the train or if I am in Moonee Ponds, the office keeps me warm. The man's (or the man and I's) bedroom is FREEZING though and thats where I'm typing!

Yesterday was my first day and I walked to Moonee Ponds which was a good walk but any longer and it might have been too long. When we move it will probably be too short a walk!

Speaking of moving our loan was approved and we hope to move in the next few weeks....very exciting!!

Today I had to go into the city which wasn't as scary as I imagined and it was really easy to get to work. Hopped on a train and then walked up an escalator and crossed a road to get to the office!

Not much else is going on at the moment. Still trying to settle in and feeling more comfortable all the time. I love schedules and plans so as long as I have something to follow I don't stress out too much. So far I've worked out its a good idea to get clothes for work organised the night before that way the man doesn't get woken up when I turn on the light at 6am hunting for that elusive matching sock! Also I love getting up (freezing as it is), turning on the heater, having a shower, switching on 'Sunrise' and cooking porridge and sitting down for half an hour!! I think its the quiet and the 'me' time that I like. I can potter around and do things at my own speed. Plus I always have been a morning person.

I got home today at 4 and managed to talk myself into going for a run. The best thing so far about Melbourne is being able to explore. I even got a bit lost which was great! When I got home the man and I went up and measured the new place and it looks pretty good. The oven and dishwasher are in now so it just needs to be cleaned up and it will all be done!

Well I'm a hungry hungry hippo and dinner is calling...calling out for me to cook it...

- Jen

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