Saturday, June 24, 2006

1 week gone, x to go

Well the first week of 'work' or training has come and gone as has my first week of living in the mighty fine city of Melbourne, and of course the huge milestone of surviving my first week living with the man.

I'm enjoying sprinting up the hill near our house to try and catch the train of a morning. Friday was the first day I missed it, and only by the time it took to validate my ticket too! Work is not that great. I know that working in a call centre (even if it is only for a few months) is going to suck, so it should have been no surprise that the training would also 'suck'. Its great meeting the new grads but the training is pretty, well dry to put it nicely.

I went for a run when I got home last night and explored some more and then went for a run this morning in the opposite direction...I am slowly but surely running out of directions!

Living with the man has so far been great and unlike me, he clearly anticipated my having to adjust and that I might be a bit sad. I have slowly come to notice however that if I enter the kitchen with even the slightest intention of cooking, all utensils are removed from my hands. At first this was nice because its nice to be cooked for...but now I'm starting to get suspicious that he might think I am some kind of threat to people's eating experiences. So this afternoon I baked* a slice, and for dinner I'm cooking tuna mornay which he probably won't like but I do and I know Cam (housemate) does. Otherwise things are great, I haven't felt weird or anything like I should be going home soon which I thought I would. Very much looking forward to moving into the apartment though, just for the extra room....I guess I will have more new areas to explore too!

Until next time,

- Jen

* and only slightly burnt

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