Thursday, June 15, 2006

And disappeared, with everything that you held dear

Leaving Albury is proving much harder than I orginally thought. Just saying goodbye to my workmates especially the other grads was terrible. I put it off until the possible minute.

I've never ever considered myself popular or at least well-liked but its made it that much harder to say goodbye to people when it seems like they are genuinely going to miss me as well.

I started this year working with three other people as new to the tax office as me. I really hope it wasn't a fluke that we all get along so incredibly well because I dare say I will be lucky to find a work environment like the one I am leaving.

Particularly as I will be working in a call centre until October.

I'm sure that once I get to Melbourne things will be great...its just the actual leaving part that is hard.

Sad sigh,

- Jen

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