Sunday, November 26, 2006

That kind of afternoon

It's been that kind of afternoon, where you have no plans (or nothing urgent) so you end up sleeping on the couch. If I had my eyes open I'd be watching cricket - and then I'd be bored.

Apparently its growing in popularity as the man is currently engaging in exactly the same activity, although sadly he tends to spend more of his time actually watching the cricket.

To be fair I am pretty tired. Yesterday I worked as an election official, ticking off names, guarding the ballot boxes (I do too have the right build to be a guard!), and keeping the crowd in line as queue controller. Except there was NO crowds. We had people lined up once all day. Apparently they have changed the location of the polling booth from last time so no one knew where to go. The Glenbervie booths were apparently inundated with thousands of people. So I had nothing to do all day. Even better, when polls closed it only took us 2 hours to count!
I was tired though. Started at 7:30 and got home a bit after 8:30pm. Then this morning we bit the bullet and started and got through a lot of our Christmas shopping which is really good.

Anyway, I'd best be off, as obviously I have nothing to post, and I should probably get outside for some fresh air.

- Jen

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