Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hook turns, no, not THAT Hook

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Tonight (or this morning technically) I dropped the man and a friend off in the city. This would be about the third time I've driven 'IN the city', not just on the outskirts (i.e. as far as the royal melbourne hospital where the man works). The other three times I've obviously never had to turn right. This happens after dropping off the man and I'm left to learn these new hook turn thingos. The way the man described it, I wait until the light turns orange, then I go. Sounds pretty easy? Things were good until the light had turned red and then I started questioning the vision of the car in front of me. The light is RED...RED!!! Not to mention the police right there.

When I got home from my adventure I hopped onto vicroads website which politely informed me that when executing a hook turn you wait until the light of the street you are turning into goes GREEN.

Makes SO much more sense now. So much SAFER too!!

Ah well, another thing learnt. I'm glad the man is out on the town!!

- Jen

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