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These three years now just gone pt 2

The Housemates
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Third year (2004) saw the arrival of 'The Americans', Kate, Liz, Leah and Colleen which really was a ton of fun (and 'got me out of my shell' as turtlelips puts it . O-week was terrific with toga-party (yes those really do happen), op-shop formal and possibly hawaiian night again (not too sure).

Just after O-week I moved
out of home and it was honestly the best thing I've ever done and the most fun I have ever had. Living with Tom and turtle-lips was an eye-opener thats for sure. We had the great
'lube fight of 2004', which Tom won, I somehow discovered a knack for exploding wine glasses simply by picking them up or looking at them (I think I was just really clumsy), I learned that rubbing your eye after cutting up chilli is never a good idea, that empty boxes of beer make great bins and that I couldn't live with two better people.
Not too long after O-week ended best friend returned from America and not too long after that I made that fateful journey to Melbourne and met the man . 2004 just got better and better for me. I did really well at uni, passing all my subjects including ITC237 (better known as JAVA 2) and of course ITC301 (software development project). About half way through the year I got a job at 'The LAN Mine', where I still work. New Years 2004/05 was the best New Years I have ever had. We didn't do anything exciting like bungee jumping off the harbour bridge at 11:59:59, just went to Melbourne with a few of the guys from 'campbell court' and stayed at the man's , drank coronas all afternoon and then headed out to Jimmy Rowes (pub which was just down the road) for the rest of the night.

Fast Forward to O-week 2005. I think I went to 3 or 4 out of the 5 nights. I remember op-shop formal, 'P' night and maybe traffic light night...it was a lot of fun. 'P' night involved dressing up as or in anything beginning with the letter 'P'. I went wearing my pyjamas and as a surprise the man turned up halfway through the night. At some stage at 'the globe' I had to surrender my pj top to 'the man' because I think he wasn't wearing a shirt or had a bluey..can't remember. I think/hope I had a singlet on underneath.

>Tom had of course graduated and moved out and in an attempt to save some moolah turtle-lips had moved out as well. I was now living with Colin and Dani. Colin was like Tom, one of the nicest people you will ever meet and living with those two was a breeze as well. Dani and I shared our love of music especially Jack Johnson and became so good at procrastinating about doing assignments that while listening to the song 'Banana Pancakes', decided we should actually MAKE banana pancakes, and once we had mastered that decided we should learn the gee-tar (because every needs a hobby right?).

About July this year I decided I needed to save money and moved back home. I really miss living at Woodstock Crt, and I miss being able to go out and not worry about getting home, but being back with the parents is not so bad.

I've done (not counting any chickens), really well this semester. I have worked really hard for this Friday coming (I am nearly all out of whatever has kept me going this long). Last semester I did the best I have ever done with 3 distinctions and two credits and while I can't guarantee the same fantastic results this semester I know that I have worked really hard anyway.

University is not easy by any means. It's been a hard slog thats for sure, but you get out what you put in. Sure you can go through uni and get distinctions for everything, but there are not too many people the man excepted who can go through uni, have a social life AND do that well. It's all about finding a balance. After all what good is an employee who has a transcript full of HD's but can't relate to different people? You learn a lot about yourself at uni and a lot of it isn't in lectures.

I'd best be off now as it's getting late and I have my last full day (eep!) of study ahead of me tomorrow.

- Jen

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