Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tired Eyes

Well I think I worked hard today. I know I had the motivation because I TOLD the man not to come up with weekend so I wanted to make sure I got some study done so I wouldn't regret it.

I happened to destroy jentopia this afternoon during some 'minor technical modifications' but all is well now.

I'm a very tired Jenu at the moment but still have another 3/4 of an hour here at work, so here I am....with very sore eyes that are just hanging in there so that they can shut for a couple of hours.

Actually I don't have much else to write except to say to Rae over at Contemplating Albert that you guys should be very excited because I am adding you to my blogroll!! Yay! Well I think I'm more excited than you guys will be, but anyway!

Thats about it, wish me luck for Wednesday afternoon (International Finance) if I don't post by then

- Jen


Rae said...

:) You're already on my blogroll at my own site! ( Still, tis v.exciting! :)

All the best for Wednesday. Hope you breeze through it.

jenu said...

Lol and I had no idea. What wonderful eyesight I have :)

jase said...

You and your ever growing fanbase!