Friday, November 11, 2005

Cold day in the sun

Wish I could take it away
And save you from yourself
You get so lost inside your head like no one else
Are you looking for someone to blame?
Did you blame me all along?
You’ll take the heat
But you would never take the fall

It’s your cold day in the sun
Looks like your bleeding heart has already won

Well I finally learnt how to play the start of this on guitar. It's finger picking which I am damn near hopeless at but for some reason I was surfing through my favourites in my tabs and picked up the guitar and I could play it. Actually it's dead easy. Now I just have to remember how to read chords from tabs and I will be able to play the rest of it. It sounds cool. Like I know what I'm doing.

Today wasn't really a A + day for me. I was a bit slack, getting pretty tired of studying. I'm going to go and try and do a bit more now so the day isn't a complete loss.


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