Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Go you good thing!

Makybe Diva
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So today was the Melbourne Cup! I got the man to put $5 on Leica Falcon for me as he was actually AT the cup (he lives right around the corner incidentally) and of course the damn horse came 4th.
I don't think a horse that I have ever had in a sweep or placed a bet on has ever done any good! I did go down to 'the star' with uni liz, best friend and best friend's man for a beer and to watch the cup which was a bit 'o' fun!

I also tried out the new donut shop across the street, the coffee was pretty average but I think they are still just learning (hey it wasn't exactly a jenLax so it can't have been too bad).

- Jen
p.s the photo is Makybe Diva...phh

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jase said...

Makaybe diva... stupid nag took my $20!