Saturday, November 12, 2005

With these two words I give to you.

With these two words I give to you...impending doom.

Impending doom if you are a broke uni student struggling to save the almighty dollar for a trip to Thailand in 3 weeks.

These two words are: Parking Ticket.

Oh yes you may laugh, you may want to punch yourself in the head like I wanted to, you may cry like I wanted to, you may berate yourself for hours like I DID, but for a struggling little mite like myself it sucked.

Sure $75 thats only what probably 10 squillion items of clothing in Thailand, a new pair of jeans, nearly a service on my car, enough to buy a couple of Christmas presents, a night out, another night out, enough to fill my car up with petrol and have money for another night out. Pocket change really.

Sigh. Not cool.

Although interestingly unlike the 2nd last time I got a parking ticket, there were no tears. Heck I wanted to, what a lousy thing to happen, how am I going to pay it etc etc. But hey, I will be able to pay it, somehow. I mean I shouldn't be a uni student if I can afford to be drinking beer instead of goon! So I'm okay. Maybe I'm growing up and one parking ticket in the big scheme of things is not a big deal.

Not that I'm not still annoyed at myself, unlike the last time I got a parking ticket in Melbourne (which wasn't REALLY my fault) this was my fault and I will admit I should have known better but honestly I did think the parking officer stopped checking at 12 on Saturdays. That'll learn me eh.

Things are also not going so well in the not stressing department. I will be a little more relaxed on Wednesday after my International Finance exam and in less than two weeks 13 (nearly 12 days) I will be Miss Relaxed 2005. In fact I have a feeling walking out of my Computer Management, Ethics and Security exam at 12:30pm on Friday the 25th of November 2005 I will truly happy.

Well I came home to make sure I learn at least one thing today (Currency swaps because I'm having problems with them). So I'd best be off.

- Sigh..(sorry jen)

Re-reading I think I might have actually learnt something at uni. At the moment when I take my 1AUD (thats Australian Dollar folks) over to Thailand, I'm going to get 30.0765 Thai Baht for it. Thats not all (heck you don't need to be smart to use google). So, if the Australian dollar appreciates relative to the Baht (say to 32.0765), my 1AUD buys more Baht and I can buy more in Thailand (because it takes less AUD to buy more Baht). This would be bad for people importing to Thailand to Australia though because while the AUD appreciates relative to the Baht the Baht depreciates relative to the dollar so they get less for their Baht here. Interesting hey.
So for all those people like best friend who wonder what exactly it is I do at uni, there it is (well some of it).


Anonymous said...

Er. I don't think you have to go to uni to know how the currency thing works. I did OT at uni and even I KNOW THAT! Maybe the Lizlag went on holidays. I'm sure I will find it again before I go to Thailand :)
Love "Best Friend"

Rae said...

Ugh! Getting parking tickets make me wanna kick myself.

jase said...

Yeah, parking tickets are a pain in the baht.

Anonymous said...

jase you are funny