Monday, December 19, 2005


I have to apologise to any readers that I have left. I have been back from Thailand for SIX days and haven't updated. Honestly I have felt a bit overwhelmed by everything I have to mention in here because so much has happened in the last 2 and a bit weeks.

I will get to Thailand later but in the interests of keeping with my blogs "mission statement' if you like I will begin with the most important.

Firstly I will not be moving to Melbourne and I will not be moving in with the man. Don't fret avid readers this is not what it seems. The lovely folks over at the ATO have offered me a position in their 2006 graduate program and unfortuantely for me it is in Albury (hopefully only for the first 6 months). This really is the opportunity of a lifetime what with the training and the salary is NOTHING to be sneezed at! Although I will admit I was more than a little upset intially not to be moving in with the man he did have a good point that we have done the 'long distance thing' for more than a year now so what is another few months or so?

Secondly and relating to the first piece of news is my uni results. 3 distinctions and 2 credits (the same as last semester). Which I was really really happy with.

Well I am in Melbourne until February at least (when I start work) and so far it has been great...except for the weather. If I was in Albury I could be WARM right now. Instead while not being 'cold', I am well 'tepid' I suppose.

I'm keeping this one short but will update soon with stories of Thailand and hopefully some pictures as well.

- Jen


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the results, they are fantastic!!

jase said...

Yah, well done stinky!
Have fun in melbs and update your blog! What ELSE do you have to do? :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Go Girl ain't nothin' gonna hold yo back!