Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Santa found Berrigan!

Well I think as you get older Christmas definitely becomes less about the presents. This is definitely not a bad thing because I actually detest getting presents. Not as much as the man but I always feel awkward about getting them. Christmas is more about being merry, relaxing a little, eating a lot, remembering 39 other people's names (which becomes increasingly difficult the more merry you become) and generally having a good time. I went to the "Fankhauser" Christmas this year which was in Berrigan (uh oh now you know the man's surname) and it was a jolly good time. There were about 8 kids probably under the age of 7 who were very excited early in the day but prone to scooter crashes, falling over and tantrums due to excessive tiredness, soft-drink consumption and confectionary abuse later in the day.

The presents I did get were/are great! A gold necklace, a book, some clothes and 'the young ones' dvd which I haven't seen yet!
It was actually exciting/funny watching all the kids open their presents. Especially the man's nephew Zeke who hurtled into the loungeroom on Christmas morning before everyone was up..saw what he thought was a carrot half eaten by "rats" (according to him), threw it behind the t.v. and kept examining the rest of his presents. Very funny!

Now that I/we are back in Melbourne and the man has time off until after new years the days will be packed with adventures such as shopping, beaching, zooing and narnia watching (did I mention shopping?).

- Jen

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