Saturday, October 22, 2005

When I grow up...

Having worked at The Lan Mine for more than a year now I like to think I have a relatively good grasp of what kids these days are like. I've got to tell you, its not good.

Granted a lot of the 'kids' are teenage boys who talk in monosyllables and who are probably just at a stage where they come across as rude, but the younger kids, the 10 year olds are just plain rude. Some things I've heard include:

- "Get me a milkshake"
- "Tag" (you need a tag to log on so this is their way of going "Hi, would I be able to get a tag please. When they're rude like this I get great satisfaction of being able say we are booked out)
- Various profanities and hitting on computer screens etc

So when I grow up, and have kids*, they're going to have manners, be able to communicate properly (including being able to make phone calls), play a sport (if they want to but will spend some time outside).

I'm just sick of parents sticking their kids in here for hours at a time, although often the parents are as rude as their kids. Try telling them that we have no computers free!

Thats my rant for today. I swear if I have to make another snooty kid a milkshake today I will scream.

p.s. I am not entirely a horrible person, I did recognise how polite two kids were before and gave them a free half hour card each.

* having kids may or may not happen.


Anonymous said...

You can't tell people how to raise their kids jen... and booking them in for hours at a time would generally only happen once a week while they went shopping or something, unless it's school holidays.
Hmm.. they things i could do should I have any children, ever ;)

jenu said...

Booking them in for hours at a time happens to at least 2 regular kids and its not while their parents are shopping thats for sure. I never said I was saying how to raise their kids, I was saying how I would raise mine in comparison.