Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh you know I did it, it's over and I feel fine

Phew, so one assignment down. 5 to go...then 5 exams. But anyway, it's done which is awesome. I have class in 45 minutes so I've grabbed some food and am at the lan mine filling in time now that I've printed the assignment off.

I'm still a bit hungry actually...

I'm really annoyed at the lecturer for this subject, he pretty much isn't available most of the time (it took him 5 days to reply to my last email) and there isn't anyone else at uni who can help (depsite dad telling me there is).

So with a little help from a student who has done the subject before, and my friend Liz we nutted out something that resembles an assignment.
Anyway, its done now.

I have till friday when the man gets home from work to finish another assignment (3000 word report) which I haven't started typing yet (done a fair bit of research though), then I have saturday and sunday at work (and possibly monday) to start and finish another assignment (as well as my weekly essay too). So I'm going to be pretty busy! (i.e. may not write in here till next week sometime).

I'm looking forward to Saturday night though, the man and I are supposed to be going to one of his/ours friends house for dinner and a movie.
I tried downloading (yes I know I'm bad) a movie (never done it before). Left it running overnight and was pretty excited to see it had downloaded when I woke up, I opened it up expecting to see "The Wedding Crashers" and got instead, 2 hours of "Ghetto Wars". It's two HOURS of black people fighting each other.

I learned my lesson!



Liz said...

And i think we did a pretty damn good job on that assignment in the end! Im feeling more confident about question 10 after what he was going through on the board. At least its out of the way and i think he got the impression we were kinda pissed at him for his lack of helpfulness.

jase said...

Bring on the damn berrigan cup! Im gunna get dressed up and drink myself stupid! And noone will care... cos its Berrigan!
I'll probably end up getting cornholed by some rednecks....