Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sojourn to Sydney continued

So after finding a small cafe that didn't look like it was going to take my purse and eat its entire contents I had some croissants and a REALLY great coffee. Its a pity I cant remember the name of this fabulous coffee place otherwise I could start doing reviews! Of course stupid me chose I crumbly food like croissants so I was continually wiping crumbs off and checking I hadn't jammed* myself. At about 8:15 I headed across the road and began the pre-interview count down. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but (perhaps not so much in group assessments like yesterday)timing is a key thing to get right when attending an interview. Too early and it makes you look like you have nothing better to do, plus it can inconvienience the interviewer, but obviously you do not want to be late. Late = very bad and very bad = no job. I've found around 3-4 minutes is quite good and 5 minutes is ok. But you have to count for time in the lift. So I'd arrived with 15 minutes to spare, I went to the toilet (10 mins to spare), found the lift I'd have to get in (8mins to spare) went for a walk around the inside of the building (6 mins to spare) and got the lift up praying it was a slow lift. We shot to the 15th floor like a rocket but when I got out of the lift there was already about 4 people there. So I was quite happy with that. We all introduced ourselves which is the first time this has happened at an assessment centre. Eventually we all got given name badges with stickers on them. I was a bit concerned to find mine had a yellow sticker which meant I was being interviewed for IT positions, where as I'd applied for a generalist position (hadn't even filled out the section for IT). When I got to my interview they started asking me IT questions about this SYDNEY job. So I told them I'd applied for the generalist part so they asked me both questions and then I told them I'd put down melbourne as my first preference. So we will see how that goes. We also had a group exercise (which I didn't feel went as well as it had at Telstra), two written exercises and an in-tray exercise. Then we got to go home but not before I'd eaten an exorbitant amount of the free kool fruits (because hey they were free).

And that was Sydney. I honestly didn't like it, I didn't like it in March when I went their and it wasn't any better this time. The people are rude, its hard to get around and the thing I liked MOST was the weather so thats saying something. Melbourne literally has four seasons in one day and I still like it better.

Well thats about it.

Need to finish an assignment today.


*jammed - to jam is to cover oneself with jam (From the UK TV Show Black Books)


Anonymous said...

Yeah i must say sydney is no good, too far away, go to Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

Who is this anonymous poster jen? Are you garnering a legion of fans? MORESO THAN MY BLOG??!!