Thursday, October 13, 2005

A plus and a minus = ?

So I think I may have mentioned way back in September how I had done an assignment for Ethics and that I seriously thought I was going to fail (really I did!) anyway I got the assignment back last night, ripped the envelope open...and a modest 92/100. Or a HD for the uninitiated! So yay! I was so happy I rang best friend and then the man. Best friend was excited but then when I got to talking to the man he said he isn't coming up this weekend.
Which you know.. is ok. He wants to save money or whatever, I'm not going to see him now til the Berrigan Cup (2 and a bit weeks away). I'm just really disappointed because we will have been together for 1 1/2 yrs on Friday (when he was meant to be coming up) and I had all these elaborate plans thought up, so I told him that that was why I was upset and he said how it's only 18 months, and what are we supposed to be celebrating that we've been able to stand each other for 18 months?

Best friend was a bit the same but she has never exactly been a beacon of positivity when it comes to the man and so I wasn't bothered.
I didn't think of it as.."wow we've been together for a while now good on us". I thought of me surprising the man and then us going out to dinner or something, not to celebrate how long we have been together but because we love each other (well at least I love him). But I guess it's not to be.

It's probably not really a big deal. But it sure dampened my excitement about my assignment :(

Anyway just got back from a bike ride and need to go and jump in the shower.



Anonymous said...

Heya Jen!
Congrats on your assignment man! 92 is freaking awesome!. And i mean, you don't really need a reason to appreciate each other. I'm sure he wants to come up just as much as you want him there, but sometimes things are harder than you want them to be. Hope youre ok though. :)
take care!

Anonymous said...

92? I think you could have done better. I mean i'm sure someone smarter could have done better, someone like say...your sister? Just a thought. 18 months is very impressive i don't blame you for wanting to celebrate it, you'll have to save it all for the cup!

jenu said...

Aw you're reading my blog! Yay another reader!