Friday, October 14, 2005

The Medical

So I had my first medical yesterday, I was poked and prodded (and not in a good way).

No surprises that I'm underweight with a BMI of 17.5. I did weigh less than I thought I did and that was fully clothed. The first doctor was really nice, she said according to the BMI thing I'm supposed to put on 10 kilos and she goes "but you don't want to put on 10 kilos do you?" and I said (predictably) "no". Then she busts out "well you don't see overweight racehorses do you?" Funny stuff. I took it to mean that I'm healthy not that I have an characteristics of a horse.

The hearing tests (while weird) were fine and the eyesight test was ok, but the NEXT doctor...I did not like.

I had to take off all my clothes (again not in a good way) and put on this gown and then he goes "now I'm going to have to get you to bend over". And I was about to get the hell out of there because no job is worth THAT much! then he clarified what he meant when he said "so I can check your spine".


Everything else was fine and that was the medical!


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