Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh the weather outside is frightful: The story of the Berrigan Cup weekend

As all the good stories do I will begin at the beginning. About five on Friday I began to get ready for the Business Club Cocktail ball, best friend and her new man, Dave came over to pick me up as they had borrowed my car and dropped me off at Campbell Crt. Where I was shocked at my complete lack of 'girlyness'. And I thought I'd been getting better too! Double sided tape, concealer and whether your breasts looked 'perky' or not were the major issues of the afternoon but eventually the boys turned up and we began to get ready to leave (after consuming much champagne and mini pizzas of course). Here was the big surprise the man turned up, dressed up and all! I was so excited! I'd heard a rumour he may of been in town but had no idea he was coming to the ball.

Once we got the ball we had our first 'cocktail', some kind of chocolate cowboy concotion which tasted terrible to begin with but began to grow on you. I met up with uni liz not long after and so began a very fun night.
Some key events were:

- Being kissed hello by a polish student who was shortly after introduced to the man
- Later seeing uni liz and polish student pick-up
- Somehow managing to turn my shoes into skates (yet again) and (yet again) not fall over (this is the 3rd time this has happened in those shoes)
- Decide I was 'way more drunk than what I wanted to be' and then drink about 4 glasses of water in less than the same number of minutes
- Getting into some fun shenanigans with the man
- Have to drag uni liz away from polish student when it was time to go home (and felt really bad about it)

We went home to bed and I awoke the next morning to rain (damn!) and a headache.
After making sure I'd eaten heaps and getting everyone else out of bed (the man took the longest as he was curled up in the foetal position claiming he was never drinking again) we got ready for the cup and headed off to pick up turtle lips drop off uni liz and drive to Berrigan.

I have to say this, the drive to Berrigan SUCKS. I think it is because there is nothing remotely interesting about it, and at the end, well at the end you are in Berrigan so enough said.
Once we got to Berrigan we headed to Cam's house (the man's housemate) and met up with the rest of the gang and started drinking, watched the boys pitch the tents and then the girls drove to the racecourse (about 500m away). The man on the gate was most probably drunk or had something seriously wrong with him and we ended up driving half the way back and smuggling some champagne bottles under the fence to retrieve later, because we couldn't get a park in the racecourse.

I think I saw about 2 horse races the whole day and by about 4:00 had given in and was wearing Trents suit jacket because of the horrible rain. Seriously it sucked. And I think that guys have no idea how cold girls get. They walk around in their suits with their socks, pants, shoes, underwear, shirt etc while we have minimal underwear, shoes that you could kill a person with and usually dresses that tarzan's loin cloth are made out of more material than. I guess this is the reason why all the girls bar best friend and I went back to Albury. Pikers.

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Anonymous said...

The weather was horrible...women were alright though...
Hey Jen you remember meeting Fanky's mate Matt and his friend Steve (me!) from Bendigo? What a small world and internet it really is! While looking for the results of the cup due to being too drunk to take any notice, google the king brings me here.
LOL! I had no idea you were a games nerd like myself...i should of worn my Wang Fu t-shirt!
Anyway it was nice meeting all you guys, made my stay in another state pretty cool. Oh, i was meant to go to "The Club", but fell in a puddle! haha!

jenu said...

Hey, how's it going? How on earth did google do that! Yeah I'm am or WAS a games nerd! Another blog reader! awesome