Monday, October 31, 2005

The story of the Berrigan Cup part two

After the races we went back to Cam's got changed...(I love you jeans and shirt!), had some food (I love you food) and eventually headed into the Berrigan Golf and Bowling Club on the bus.
The club was actually pretty good, I don't think I drank anything except water that I can remember but we met the man's sister, her husband and their baby there. So cute! (the baby). I got to hold her an the man was as well. And here was the surprise...he is a baby man! He was holding her did all the right things I was amazed!
We said goodbye to them and to a very sad looking turtle-lips, best friend and her man at around 10 and headed outside in the mud and rain to a tent with a DJ..and apparently a band was playing although I didn't see them!

About midnight we caught the bus back to Cam's and spent an hour giggling, eating cold sausages and ..giggling. It was really fun.
We headed off to our tent (in the rain still) and bunked down for the night. I woke up a short time later to water dripping on my head, thats right the tent leaked. So of course I woke the man up to tell him as well...everytime I got dripped on in fact. Apparently it went something like "the man! I'm getting dripped on again!". So we got very little sleep and woke around 6 (7 with daylight savings the next morning), we got up around then as well because our tent was so full of water and Cam's family has hundreds of chooks which were awake as well!
It was around 10 that everyone decided that seeing how they went home so early and were still in bed that best friend and man's tent should 'collapse'. And collapse it did! It was pretty funny actually. Although I was a bit annoyed when she came out some 10 minutes later and complained of being 'tired'. Try sleeping in a puddle man!

We pretty much all packed up after that and the man and I headed out to see his family for the afternoon which was alright. We saw the baby again and then went over to the man's mum and stepdad's farm as well.

We ended up getting back into Albury about 6:45pm and I had to work at 7 so only had time to get home, have a shower (love you shower) and get to work (only 20 minutes late!). the man came with me and played some F.E.A.R and then ate some chinese and then conked out on the couch while I 'worked'.

Got home around quarter to one and the parentals were still up so said good night to them and went to bed. Woke up to the man saying he was getting picked up in 5 minutes this morning (very sad thing to wake up to) and then saw him off.

That pretty much set the mood for the rest of the day for me, my mouse broke and the one I've got to replace it isn't doing much of a better job. Feeling a bit miserable at the moment because I need to get going on my last assignment...but I'm tired and miss the man a lot already.

The END.

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