Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sojourn to Sydney

I travelled up to Sydney yesterday and managed to catch a taxi to the hotel with no problems. Then my problems began. The hotel wanted an impression of my credit card...thing is, I DON'T HAVE a credit card. Then they wanted $100. Which I also didn't have. Why they don't tell you these things before you get there I don't know. So I had to go get $100 from the bank, which really annoyed me because it was considerably less $$ for shopping. Anyway that settled I was by now quite angry and annoyed, but when I unlocked the door to my room and stepped inside all my anger melted away. The room (sorry apartment) was huge with a kitchen, bathroom and huge living area, oh and a balcony that looked out over Sussex St with Darling Harbour in the background.

Once settled in I headed out "exploring*". I walked up a few blocks went through the Queen Victoria building and then through Myers into Pitt St Mall, had a look around there...looked in Borders the best shop in the world and then walked down to The Rocks. In all I'd been walking for around 2 hours by now and was quite far from where I'd started. It was starting to get dark so decided to head back up to the area around my hotel and search for something for dinner. I was pretty proud of myself I headed back in a completely different direction, ended up on Sussex St, sussed out the place where my interview was at and then walked past my hotel and up another two blocks to Chinatown.

Now the thing about Chinatown is that its really nice and all, but the waiter/resses stand outside their restaurants and try and entice you in. I remembered the very wise advice of the grandparentals and tried to choose a restaurant with lots of people. Now the thing was, there was lots of people...lots of people outside
I walked in...and there was no-one, having already told the waitress I would be ordering takeaway, I felt I'd gone too far into the lion's den to go back now. So ordered some long soup, chicken and cashews and steamed rice. I got back to the hotel $25 lighter and crashed on the couch with 'Everyone Loves Raymond' and my chinese. The soup contained things that resembled dim sims. I took a bite of one and glanced at the meat inside. I nearly died. I spat out my mouthful and threw the rest in the bin. I have to say, I've never eaten feline and/or canine related food before, but this was not NORMAL. It was pink and squishy and a round shape and reminded me of a certain part of human anatomy, that should definitely not be eaten (if any parts should).

The chicken and cashews were okay, not fantastic and not worth what I paid for them, but you get that. The rice was great though!

After dinner I had a bath with Harry (Potter), did some reading for the next day, headed off to bed and talked to the man for awhile and then went to sleep.

I woke up at 5:00am by sunlight streaming through the window..and tried to go back to sleep. I got up around quarter to six, got dressed, watched some news, read some more for the interview and then packed up and stowed my suitcase at the desk. I strolled down Sussex St in search of some breakfast.

..to be continued.

** exploring - wandering with the intention to shop

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