Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chuckle Chuckle

This bird flu thing is starting to be a bit scary. I'm not sure how many of my "readers" actually read the newspapers, but every day there has been bird flu found in some other country..

Did you ever see the movie 'Outbreak'? We had to watch it in yr 8 for science...of course that was monkeys and not birds but...well it wasn't pretty.

I did find this amusing ( From The Age Saturday 22nd October 2005) :


AUSTRALIA The Federal Government is stockpiling antiviral medicines and said it would close all air and sea ports in the event of an outbreak.

BRITAIN Government to buy vaccine for entire UK population if pandemic breaks out.

GERMANY All poultry confined to pens.

I guess thats just my sense of humour...Australia stockpiling medicine, Britain providing the entire country with vaccine, and Germany are confining their poultry to pens....

I'd better start my assignment now.


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