Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wake up in the morning with a head like what you done

Had an awesome NYE. My sister and two of her friends (Mick and Chels), plus Gus and his girlfriend Laura and of course the man had tickets to the James Squire brewhouse at Docklands. Place was pretty good, we'd booked upstairs and it was all you could eat with prawns and steaks that weren't half bad. You had to fight over desserts though. As soon as they would refill the dessert table a bunch of seagulls would descend and then struggle off with 3 chocolate mousses and a couple of cheesecakes apiece. Well not actual seagulls but older women who sounded an awful lot like seagulls when the dessert trolley was wheeled over.

Midnight came and went but there wasn't even a countdown and I had to track the man down for a kiss. He looked confused so they obviously need to make more of a fuss there at midnight. He was wearing a streamer that he'd poked eyes into and tied around his head so he looked like some kind of drunk ninja turtle (Raphael if you must know). Although....Michelangelo is the party dude.

The fireworks were going off outside (literally just out on the water) but they go for so long that halfway through you kind of lose interest. Make them shorter I say! Save some money too.

Speaking of money the man and I did not win the $30 million on Saturday in tattslotto which we were a bit surprised about. We did win $43.55 though so I was stoked, I mean its not $30 million but it paid for the lotto ticket and then some.

Anyway...back to new years. Shots were consumed with Shellmatching me with tequila so she's not as soft as I thought she was. Some banana head was doing jager bombs which is silly, and some other gooses were doing black sambuca which is plain crazy.

The staff shut the bar down for ten minutes at midnight and told everyone it was last drinks. I consulted my ticket and it said open 7pm until late. I started to get worried they'd stuffed us around because they seriously looked like they were shutting up shop so Shell went over there and demanded they tell her that it just wasn't so. Apparently they were cleaning and would re-open in a few minutes. PHEW. Don't actually think we had any more to drink after that anyway!

EDIT: Apparently we did have a lot more to drink after that.

Went back to ours, public transport was easy only fifteen minute wait for a train, very easy. We sat in a carriage that was full of 'Jonahs', many a 'puck you miss' and the word 'bro' was bandied about by us. Bandied about after we got off the train of course.

Anyway, I'm up early re-hydrating and everyone else looks pretty seedy lying around asleep with their mouths open. The man'scooking bacon and eggs for breakfast so the grease should help!

Seriously really great new years though!

- Jen


Andrew said...

Agree. Fireworks go for too long and people do lose interest.

Ren said...

Raphael was the smexy, broody turtle. *nodnod*

Yes, I just called a turtle SMEXY.