Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The most dangerous key on the board

The delete key.

Was working on a document all day at work today, its 6pm and I'm just tidying up some files when I hit delete, and then without thinking pressed yes. Then I realised I'd just deleted something I'd spent literally 8 hours working on.

Then I remembered, our pc's don't have a recycle bin.

Frantically I phoned our IT service desk because surely the document had to be somewhere. No, not it was not because I only created it today. It wasn't in temporary files, it wasn't anywhere.

All I could do was shake my head. It was so late I didn't even have anyone to complain to. The IT guy was everso helpful when he told me I 'had to be careful when you delete stuff'.

Gee thanks.

- Jen


Daniel Bowen said...

I'd still be grumpy about it, myself. Why, precisely, does your PC not have a recycle bin? This is what that feature was invented for.

Anonymous said...


bente said...

Ack! That is terrible!

Anonymous said...

Err...I thought they would have taught you about the delete key when you did your IT degree. Guess you missed the lecture that day.