Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bloggers Block.

I know. I know I'd said I'd update because I figured by the time I had to I would have something blog worthy. But I don't. I've got zip.

I was feeling guilty until I read Tony's post this morning and he is 100% correct, I could have blogged every day last week but it would have been 'got up. went to work. came home'. Not very interesting.

We just haven't been doing very much! The man is at work today, at the moment he's working 7 days a week which I think is wearing him out (understandably). Its not even helping our holiday savings because we've just been slugged a ton of bills. Someone forgot your car has to get insured and registered every year. Just when I was moaning about that we got our renewal for our contents insurance and the next instalment of our rates.

Anyway I'll sit here for a little bit longer, and maybe the flood gates will open. Keep checking and I'll update one day.

- Jen
p.s. new blogger template, yay or nay? Still have some work to do on it.

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