Sunday, January 27, 2008

We've got the creepiest bar that I've ever seen.

On Friday night a friend and I went on a hunt for a particular bar. I am quite sure it is the creepiest bar in Melbourne and it wasn't one you would just stumble upon. Unless you frequent creepy alleys.

The Croft Institute is one of those Melbourne bars I've read so much about. Yeah yeah so there are bars down alleys. You hear about these places and how they are 'like, so hard to find'. Which makes them cool of course. However this was no exaggeration because as we were traipsing around the back of kitchens in Chinatown I really thought we were going the wrong way and quite possibly might end up as the meat in someone's sweet and sour something. Then after taking an alley off another alley right down the end in the shadows I saw a small sign on the wall.

It was well after 5pm on a Friday and as I was musing to myself about how these places would get any business we walked in to an almost empty bar. It had filled up a little by the time we left but yeah, the quietest bar I've seen on a Friday night.

The place has to be seen (and found really) to be believed. There are seats at lab benches (complete with sinks), the toilets have hospital beds in them and are referred to as the 'department of female hygiene'. I think they are a cocktail bar really because they had about 5 different beers ranging from hahn light to TEDs to Heineken as their exotic beer.

I could be a beer snob though.

Had the bar been packed I would have thought the whole hospital/insane asylum theme was funky but with the lack of people it was just plain creepy.

I recommend you check it out - in pairs.

- Jen
p.s. See the website for directions (department of environmental whereabouts).

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