Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 - year in review

Thought I'd continue the year in review thing I did last year.


- Find out Rae and Tony are pregnant 'with a twist'.
- Complete final grad program assessment
- Schroddy pees on bed
- Nelly the cat put to sleep
- Finally remember to roll over my super
- Knee starts to hurt..
- The man accepted to do PhD at Melbourne Uni
- Joined a gym

- We get windows vista - vista bites! Nothing works!!!
- The man proposes!!
- Start to make engagement party plans

- We take a trip to Canberra..Questacon was good...
- Get MRI on knee, remember how much I hate loud noises
- Go to career fair at Swinburne, this time on the other side of the table
- Turn 23, as mum says '23 is a nothing birthday'.

- Pies beat Tigers 17.9.115 - 13.11.90
- Our engagement party!

- High heels harry upstairs starts to grate on my nerves
- Have a yucky job interview

- Climb Sugarloaf (Mt Piper)

- Rae & Tony's twins born!
- Attacked by cat, suspect Schroddy - too scratched on face to go to work
- The man's front tooth falls out
- Launch attack on crazy high heeled folks upstairs
- Decide to start buying music, no more free illegal downloads
- Read and finish Harry Potter over the weekend

- The man does his ankle
- 'Everyone' leaves for overseas

- Another job interview
- Pies knocked out of finals

- Craigieburn line opens, however everyone still knows I live on the 'broadie' line.
- Grand Final bbq
- We bought our backpacks, minty fresh and clean smelling (note this is important for later)
- Drive to Canberra for the weekend with a mate
- Saw Melb Victory play at telstra dome

- Make some wedding plans
- Made some new friends, friends who like wii!
- Kevin Rudd is our new PM
- ANOTHER interview

- The man gets weekend job
- Schroddy pees in my backpack. Backpack not so minty fresh.
- Fankhauser Christmas in Mansfield
- Cousin's wife gives birth to baby boy. Am shocked and confused because I would of thought she had to be pregnant to do that. In which case someone would of told me.
- Have awesome NYE

Looking back I had a great year, last year. Funnily enough even with the ring on my finger I forgot about 'the proposal'. Definitely the best thing to happen to me (us!) all year. I'm saying us. But the man did get a lot of new star wars lego so you never know.

- Jen


A W Malloy said...


In the interest of balance you seem to have forgotten Friday August 10, 7.40pm. Tigers defeat Collingwood 116-96. I still have it on the hard drive if you'd like a copy.

jenu said...

(fingers in ears) La la la la la I can't hear you!!

Anonymous said...

And the post was about highlights in 07, not rare occurrences! Go Pies!